Tarot FY450 Quadcopter Frame Set

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Quadcopter can be simple, like this Tarot FY450 Frame
This can't be any more simpler, the Tarot FY450 is a 450 size quadcopter frame, it's has 2 boards, 4 arms and a bunch of screws, anyone can build it in five minutes (very simple, that's why it does not have a manual!), you will need to install your own ESC, Motors, Propellers, RC system and Flight Controller, you are ready to fly.

You may find this drone very similar to another major brand drone, yes, Tarot made a clone of it, this is the result, a 99% look-a-like. What we like most is that not only the appearence is 99% simiilar, the quality is also very nicem let say 90%. Best part is the price, USD$19.9 only, for a extremely well made Quadcopter frame, what more do you want?

450 size is the entry class drone

It's small enough to carry around and less stress for beginners, and powerful enough to carry GoPro in the sky.

Integrated PCB Lower Deck

You can solder the ESC's power directly onto the PCB Lower Deck, no need to handle a bunch of power cables, much clean layout in the drone.

Frankly, it's a clone of the famous quadcopter, and it's a good clone.

We are happy with the quality of the frame, and even more happy with the price!

Specifications :
- Drone dia : 450mm
- Mount mounting hole : 16mm hole x 2 / 19mm hole x 2
- Drone's weight (everything it needs to fly) : under 2kg
- Payload (it can carry) : 600~800g

Our Flight Reference :
- Battery Supply : 3S 11.1V, 5500mah for 12 minutes
- RC System : Walkera DEVO 7 system with 7 channel
- Propeller : DJI E300 (4 Props) Tuned Propulsion System
- Motor : DJI E300 (4 Props) Tuned Propulsion System
- ESC : DJI E300 (4 Props) Tuned Propulsion System
- Propeller : DJI E300 (4 Props) Tuned Propulsion System
- Carrying : Tarot T-2D Brushless Motor Gimbal, TS352 FPV Transmitter, GoPro Hero 3+ (They weight about 700g)

This package includes :
1. ☑ 4 X FY450 Plastic Arms (Two red, Two white)
2. ☑ 1 X Upper Deck
3. ☑ 1 X Lower Deck
4. ☑ A bag of Screws

Suitable for :

This is a Frame Only!! You need to put many electronics on it yourself, namely Motors, ESC, Flight Controller, FPV, Radio Controller, Camera Gimbal and Propellers, they are NOT easy stuff for beginners, so we recommend this FY450 frame for those who can solder stuff and willing to put things together. This is a professional thing for movie grade video shooting, not a toy!!

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