Tarot 680 Pro Hexacopter Build Kit

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Tarot 680 Pro - a portable size hexacopter for 13" propellers
Tarot's classic hexacopter frame, 695mm motor to motor with foldable arms and legs, compatible with 13" propeller (* recommend with Tarot 1355 carbon fiber props). Featuring a carbon fiber bottom frame and PCB top frame, you can solder the ESC power cable directly onto this PCB top frame and save a lot of messy cabling. The adjustable battery mount allows you to balance the drone with best C.G., once you put something on the drone (e.g. camera gimbal) on the drone, sometimes you need to off-set the weight by moving the LiPo back and forth.

We love the 680 Pro because of the simplicity, it's a reliable and compact hexacopter platform which gives you about 1.5~2.5kg of payload capacity for multi-purpose, you can use it for aerial filming, for fun, for education or project use, it's one of the best selling hexacopter of all time.

Reliable 6-arms platform for 13" props
Optimized for Tarot 1355 carbon fiber propellers, you can use with 4S motor (4006-620kv) or 6S motor (4108-380kv) to get 800g to 1000g of thrust per arm.

PCB Top Frame + Carbon Fiber Bottom Frame
User friendly design, PCB top frame for easy soldering and wiring, carbon fiber bottom frame to keep it lightweight and more robust.

Compatible with all Tarot motors
The motor mounting pattern covers almost all motor standard, you can use a wide range on motor choice.
Portable design - foldable arms and landing gears
Arms are locked in place with pressed on clamps, get it folded within seconds. Landing gers are also foldable, and secured with safty lock.

Lots of room to carry your equipment
This spaces allows you to use most GoPro brushless gimbal or equipment.
Adjustable battery mount on rails
Move it back and forth to counter-weight the equipment on the belly.

Please pick a power combo
Tarot 4.8kg AUW (800g/arm) 4S Combo
Tarot 4.8kg AUW (800g/arm) 4S Combo
This propulsion system made for 4S LiPo, the economical and reliable choice to carry an all-up-weight of 4.8kg into the air (800g/arm).


Tarot 6kg AUW (1000g/arm) 6S Combo
This propulsion system made for 6S LiPo, the more powerful, higher payload choice to carry an all-up-weight of 6kg into the air (1000g/arm).

Circuit Diagram
It is not a Ready-To-Fly Edition. You have to install it yourself. However, it is not difficult to install this drone. The following is the circuit diagram. You can click to enlarge this diagram.

* The hexacopter in this video is a T810. It is for your reference only

Frame Specifications :
  • Frame weight : 810g
  • Arms diameter : 16mm
  • Motor to motor : 695mm
  • Center body dimension : 195 x 195 x 2.0mm
  • All-up-weight : about 2.8~3kg
Flight Reference :
  • Battery : 4S to 6S 4000~5000mah
  • Motor : Tarot 4006-680kv (4S LiPo) oor Tarot 4108-380kv (6S LiPo) brushless motor
  • ESC : Hobbywing XRotor 40A-OPTO
  • Propeller : Tarot 1355 Propellers
  • Flight Controller : DJI NAZA V2
  • Payload : 1.8~2.5kg
This package includes :
  • 1x Tarot 680 Pro Frame Set

Airframe requires electronics!
You need to put many electronics on it yourself, for e.g. Motors, ESC, Flight Controller, Radio Controller, video system, Camera Gimbal and Propellers, they are NOT easy stuff for beginners, we recommend this airframe for those who can solder stuff and willing to put things together. This is a professional multi-rotor, not a toy.

What you'll need to build this 680 Pro Hexacopter?
You see this is the 680 Pro Frame only, you'll need the right electronics to build this, these are the items :
  • 6 X Brushless motors (Recommended 40XX to 41XX motor)
  • 3 X 13" Clowckwise Propellers
  • 3 X 13" Counter-Clowckwise Propellers
  • 6 X 30A ~ 40A ESC
  • 1 X GPS Flight Controller
  • 1 X Radio Controller
  • 1 X 4S to 6S 4000~5000mah LiPo
  • 1 X 4S to 6S LiPo battery charger
  • 1 X FPV System (optional)
  • 1 X DJI iOSD Mini for Flight Data display (optional)

Pick the following items to build it yourself
Don't know where to start? Don't worry, follow our tutorial and pick the following items and you'll be able to build one yourself.

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