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Very cute little drone for all kinds of purpose
We like the Q250 frame so much because of the simplicty, it's made of 4x reinforced plastic arms and 2x PCB boards as the main frame, that's all.

Building the Q250 is an interesting task which makes it a good example for educational purpose, to show students how drones are made of, simply pick the right combination on motors, props and ESC, plus a flight controller and radio system, in about 3 hours you will have a working quadcopter.

250mm motor to motor
Cute little drone that is compatible with 6" propellers. By using lower RPM (like 2205-1500kv) motor and 3S to 4S LiPo, you'll get more that 15 minutes of flight time.

PCB frames for soldering
The bottom frame is a PCB with soldering point, it's basically a big power distribution board, you simply solder the electronics (e.g. ESC, Flight controller, LEDs, UBEC module... etc.) to the soldering points to get main LiPo power, save a lot of messy wiring.

Frame Specifications :
  • Frame weight : 114g
  • Motor to motor : 250mm
  • Motor mounting pattern : 16mm x 19mm
Flight Reference :
  • Battery : 3S 2200mah 35C XT60 connector
  • Motor : Storm M2205-1500kv
  • ESC : Storm 30A
  • Propeller : Gemfan 6045
  • Flight Controller : Betaflight
  • All-up-weight : 312g
Battery and Flight Time Reference (* for reference only)
Cell mAh Discharge Weight Flight Time
3S 2200mAH 35C 195 g 15~16 mins (* indoor flying)
4S 1800mAH 35C 197 g 16~17 mins (* indoor flying)

This package includes :
  • 1x Happymodel Q250 Quad Frame Set

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