Storm Micro MinimOSD Module for CleanFlight (w/ MWOSD)

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Preloaded with MWOSD software and tuned by Storm, save you the troublesome firmware and computer work
The smallest OSD module for flight controllers using CleanFlight, weight few grams only.

Here is an example of how to connect with the SP Racing F3 Flight Controller with CleanFlight installed.
  1. Please connect SP Racing F3 Flight Controller with computer using USB cable, open CleanFlight configurator, then turn on the DATA communication for UART 2 port in the "Ports" page. Remember to click "Save and Reboot", then exit the software and unplug the USB cable.
  2. Connect OSD module to UART 2 connector on the SP Racing F3 Flight Controller.
  3. That Red Black cable is powering the OSD module with 5V, the TX and RX is transferring data

Looks like this by default

* By default Video Input source is PAL signal.

* If you're not using the SP Racing F3 flight controller, you need to connect the cables accordingly with your flight controller, what we shown is just an example of how to do it.

Some tips about using this OSD module
  1. This OSD module is preloaded with MWOSD firmware by Storm already, so you just solder the camera and VTX cables accordingly and you'll get readings on screen.
  2. If you have OSD on screen but without correct readings (e.g. everything showing zero), try swapping the Yellow and Green wire between the flight controller and the OSD, they are the TX and RX cable
  3. The OSD module will have blue light when it is powered, so if you have no light that means it's not getting 5V input, check the Red Black cable, are they really getting 5V from your flight controller?
Suitable for : Flight controller with CleanFlight

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