Storm Pro-3 Universal Gimbal (3-Axis)

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3-Axis Gimbal for different cameras, including Prosumer Cameras and Smart Phones
The Storm Pro-3 Gimbal is a unique gimbal, it is not made for a specific camera, it is universal, which means you can mount different cameras such as Sony NEX or Panasonic GH3 / GH4 or Nikon Prosumer Cameras or even an iPhone (with ballast) on it, as long as the camera weight is between 350 grams to 600 grams range, the gimbal will work. So why this gimbal can do it while other gimbals can only work with a specific camera?

Why this gimbal is special?
There are few things that makes this gimbal special, first, obviously it has very big brushless motors for heavy cameras, the design of the gimbal is simple but clever, all arms can be adjusted with a screw driver to meet different C.G. of your camera ( * Gimbal requires perfect Center of Gravity for all axis to work properly), for the behavior of the gimbal, you can connect to computer (PC or Mac) and change the parameter for each axis (like increasing gyro sensitivity or decrease power, etc.) , that means for different cameras you need to adjust two things - Gimbal Arms to get the perfect C.G. and Change software parameters with computer, fine tune them until the gimbal is perfectly stable. By default the gimbal was setup to work with Sony NEX 5N.

360o Continuous Pan Axis
Once you have connected the gimbal to a RC System, just push the Pan Axis control stick all the way Left or Right, the gimbal keep on spinning, it WILL NOT tangle any wires, how's that? Thanks to a special device above the Pan axis motor, it gives Pan axis unlimited rotation and you can do some really good follow shots.

Job for the Camera Man
The Gimbal has all the connectors ready to plug into a second radio system (I mean a Second RC Receiver on the drone and have a camera man to play with the Second RC transmitter, not the same one that control the drone) and allow a second person to gain FULL control of the gimbal's Pitch, Roll and Pan axis, for that camera's RC Transmitter, the sticks will control the gimbal to go Up / Down, Roll or Pan Left and Right, that means the Drone Flyer can focus on flying and Camera Man can focus on what to shoot, get the idea?It's easy to connect this gimbal to a receiver, we have photos below, best part is that this gimbal will output 5V power to the receiver, so that receiver is really clean on wiring, NO NEED to find 5V power somewhere else, how thoughtful!

Tested on Tarot FY680 / FY680 Pro

The gimbal and camera should be around 1kg, FY680 can carry it with ease.

Use with the Automatic Landing Gear

This turns the drone into a Flying Camera, all-round 360 degrees view, no propellers and landing gear in the shot.

Control the Pitch and Pan Axis of the gimbal thru a Second RC Transmitter

Now you have a job for a camera man, he can use a Second RC Transmitter to control the Gimbal. Actually you can control the Roll axis too, but seldom use that.

Not difficult to handle

All connectors are well labeled, you may find them confusing, but you should be able to do it right with the following photos.

This is for the RC guys, you should know what they mean

We expect you have some RC knowledge, this photo tells you what the connectors do. For the Red Black end, it came with JST plug, you can connect that to the drone's power source, or remove it and solder directly to the drone's power source.

How to connect to the Second RC Receiver?

When you have a second person to control the gimbal, connect it like this. Remember you will need a Second RC Transmitter for that guy to play.

Adjust C.G. for different cameras

Remember, if you want to change camera, you need to adjust the best C.G. and fine tune the software with computer, otherwise the Gimbal will not work with your camera. By default the gimbal is preset for Sony NEX 5N.

Mount it firmly to the drone's belly

To get perfectly stable video, you need to secure the gimbal firmly onto the drone's belly, even slightest movement will amplify in the video, so make sure you get this right.

Specifications :
- Power Input : 3S to 4S (11.1V ~ 14.8V)
- Weight : 550g
- Firmware : SimpleBGC V2.40b7 (10.3-b9) (* do not update with newer firmware)
- Cameras size : Prosumer size, such as Sony NEX 5N or Panasonic GH3 / GH4
- Camera weight : Between 350g to 600g
- Default setup : Sony NEX 5N

This package includes :
1. ☑ 1 X Storm Pro-3 Universal 3-Axis Gimbal w/ cable tag
2. ☑
Designed for : Camera between 350g to 600g, such as Sony NEX 5N or Panasonic GH3 / GH4

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