Emax ES08MD II Metal Digital Mirco Servo

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Ultra High Speed Metal Gears Digital Servo - ES08MD II
"Metal Gears" mean durability and heavy duty, "Digital" means percise and fast, you can't go wrong with this 2 setup, besides, 3-Axis Gyro system would require "Digital" servos to get full potential, so this ES08MD II is the standard equipment we choice for Strom 450 Flybarless version. The Emax ES08MD II digital micro servo features a full set Metal Gears inside, they provides you the best durablity and able to take heavy work load, the response time of this servo is 0.10 sec at 4.8V or 0.08 sec at 6V which is amazingly fast. It is definitely a stunning time for Metal Gears Servos. Compare with normal analog servos, this Digital version provides you more percise reposnd and centering position, this is essential for CCPM helicopters which uses 3 servos for the swashplate.

The Emax ES08MD II gives your the benefits from normal hovering to ultimate 3D action, thanks to the all metal gears inside, it is also super durable, this would be a very nice Performance Item for your Helicopter.

Specification :
- 32.0mm x 11.5mm x 24mm (1.25" x 0.45" x 0.94")
- Speed : 0.10 sec/60° (4.8V) or 0.08 sec/60° (6V) at no load
- Torque : @ 4.8V : 2 kg-cm (27.8 oz-in), @ 6.0V : 2.4 kg-cm (33.36 oz-in)
- Weight : 12g (0.42oz)
- It's a true Digital Servo, when using with 3-Axis Gyro, set the gyro to 1520us 333mhz

Designed for : All 450 Class Helicopters, for example :

Thunder STORM 450 Helicopter

Align Trex 450 Helicopter

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