Power Distribution Board (4 to 6 Props / 5V and 12V UBEC / Type F)

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Every drone needs it, solder all ESCs on this board and solder a power supply lead to power up all ESCs.

Designed for standard CC3D and CleanFlight Flight Controller
Dimension and mounting holes of this board is exactly the same as CC3D Flight Controller (without plastic case), if you're planning to use CC3D on your drone, you can stack this power board underneath the CC3D board.

There is a 12V UBEC and a 5V UBEC on-board (that means Two UBEC on it) to power up the FPV system and the CC3D Board (that needs 5V) and the RC receiver, there is also a LED power output with ON / OFF Switch, the voltage for LED is the same as your Main Battery. There are total Five ports plus two UBEC power supply, that means Four motors and at least one other gadget.

The back of the board is very flat and smooth, you can use a 3M double side foam tape to secure on your drone or with four screws at the corner (* screws not included).

Specifications :
- Dimension : 35mm X 35mm, thickness 1.0mm
- Mounting hole : 30.5mm x 30.5mm, M3 hole

Suitable for : Four Rotor Drone

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