RedRotorRCSKU: RedRotorRC-Acc-RROSD-Pro-V2

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Without soldering anything to the board, please apply power to the board using alligator clips and make sure the Green LED is on. Contact us immediately if green LED doesn't turn on! Return and Warranty claims are only considered on units that have not been soldered! Do not connect the RROSD 5V connector to any external voltages, doing so will destroy the RROSD.

*** HEAT ***
This PDB is designed to operate warm to hot. While the heat is not bad when there’s effective cooling while in flight, do not leave the unit plugged in on the bench for too long to avoid over heating

This is a PDB board with built-in OSD and 5V and 10V BEC, that means you only need to stack a FC on top, connect them and have the core completed.

  • Dimension 36mmx36mm (30.5mmx30.5mm mounting holes)
  • Built-in power distribution and regulators to handle 2s-6s *note1
  • Noise free output without external capacitor *note2
  • ”‹
  • 10V and 5V output: can be used for VTX/FPV cam and accessories
  • NTSC and PAL can be easily selected using the onboard button
  • Plug and Play (PnP) OSD information: Flight pack voltage, current draw, total current consumption, RSSI, flight timer
  • Maximum motor current 150A total
  • Automatic flight timer shows actual flight time
  • Buzzer: after 5 minutes of inactivity, low rssi
  • Auto RSSI detection (FRsky and analog compatible), displays in percentage
  • Battery pack alarm feature blinks the battery voltage when pack voltage hits the set limit
  • Onscreen menu allows user to set rssi input, calibrate current sensor, set battery capacity alarm”¦etc....
* note1 - Maximum current draw on 10V rail: 400mA @3s/4s, 250mA @5s, 150mA @6s
* note2 - External capacitor might be needed when vtx solder bridge is set to RAW

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