USB to UART (CP2102) Adapter for Storm Micro MinimOSD Module

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If you are a DIY person and wish to install the MWOSD firmware on your Storm Micro MinimOSD module, you'll need this USB to UART adapter. Just connect it according to the following pictures and download the proper software, it's not that difficult.

  1. Connect the USB adapter to computer, the computer will tell you it found something but no driver yet.
  2. Download CP2102 driver from below and install it, this will get your computer to recognize the USB adapter
  3. Download MWOSD software from below, inside you'll find MWOSD source code (the firmware) and the MWOSD GUI (user interface). For the source code, find the file called "MW_OSD.ino", you'll need a program called Arduino to do the job, please google it, download it and install it, it's a programing tool which can upload the MWOSD source code to the OSD module thru the USB adapter.
  4. After you have successfully uploaded the MWOSD source code to the OSD module, now open MWOSD GUI, choose the correct port and start talking with the OSD module, now you can start playing with the configuration, for this you can read the MWOSD website.
How to connect the USB adapter with Storm Micro MinimOSD module

Suitable for : Storm Micro MinimOSD module

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