Mateksys F405-WTE Flight Controller

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FC Specifications
  • MCU: STM32F405RGT6, 168MHz , 1MB Flash
  • IMU: ICM42688-P
  • Baro: SPL06-001
  • OSD: AT7456E
  • Blackbox: MicroSD card slot
  • ESP WiFi Telemetry(MAVLink, 14dBm)
  • ExpressLRS 2.4G receiver(CRSF protocol, Telemetry 12dBm)
  • 6x UARTs, 1x Softserial_Tx option(INAV)
  • 12x PWM outputs
  • 1x I2C
  • 4x ADC (VBAT, Current, RSSI, Airspeed)
  • USB/Beep Extender with Type-C(USB2.0)
  • Dual Camera Inputs switch
  • 9V(12V) for VTX power switch

FC Firmware
  • ArduPilot: MatekF405-TE
  • INAV: MATEKF405TE_SD (not available in INAV configurator 4.x)

PDB Specifications
  • Input voltage range: 6.8~30V (2~6S LiPo)
  • 1x ESC power pads
  • Battery Voltage divider 1K:20K (Scale 2100 in INAV, BATT_VOLT_MULT 21.0 in ArduPilot)
  • Current Senor: 220A, 3.3V ADC (Scale 150 in INAV, 66.7 A/V in ArduPilot)
  • Sense resistor: 90A continuous, 220A peak

BEC 5V output
  • Designed for Flight controller, Receiver, OSD, Camera, Buzzer, 2812 LED_Strip, Buzzer, GPS module, AirSpeed
  • Continuous current: 2 Amps, Max.3A

BEC 9V /12V output
  • Designed for Video Transmitter, Camera, Gimbal ect.
  • Continuous current: 2 Amps, Max.3A
  • 12V option with Jumper pad
  • For stable 9V/12V output, input voltage should > output voltage +1V

BEC Vx output
  • Designed for Servos
  • Voltage adjustable, 5V Default, 6V or 7.2V via jumper
  • Continuous current: 8 Amps, Max.10A
  • For stable Vx output, input voltage should > Vx voltage +1V

BEC 3.3V output
  • Designed for Servos
  • Designed for Baro / Compass module and external 3.3V peripherals
  • Linear Regulator
  • Continuous current: 200mA

  • Mounting: 25 x 25mm, Φ2mm
  • Dimensions: 44 x 29 x 12.7mm
  • Weight: 22g w/ USB/buzzer adapter

Package Including
  • 1x F405-WTE
  • 1x USB(Type-C)/Beep (Passive buzzer) Extender + 20cm JST-SH-6P to JST-SH-6P cable for USB extender.
  • 2x IPEX-MHF1 2.4G Antennas
  • 1x Rubycon ZLH 35V 470uF capacitor
  • Dupont 2.54 pins (Board is shipped unsoldered)

Wiring diagram (Click to enlarge)

INAV Mapping (Click to enlarge)

ArduPilot Mapping (Click to enlarge)

  • set LOG_BACKEND_TYPE = 1 (File) for SD card logging
  • If sending highspeed serial data (eg. 921600 baud) to the board, use USART1(Serial1) or USART2(Serial6).

Frsky Smartport Telemetry
  • non-inverted (hacked) S.Port signal
  • any spare Uart_TX
  • SERIALx_PROTOCOL 4 or 10(for yaapu)

DJI FPV OSD (ArduPilot 4.1)

  • OSD_TYPE = 3
  • MSP_OPTIONS = 0 (polling mode)

  • PINIO1, 9Vsw power switch, On by default
  • PINIO2, Camera switch, C1 ON by default
    # GPIOs
  • PA4 PINIO1 OUTPUT GPIO(81) LOW //9Vsw pad power switch
  • PB5 PINIO2 OUTPUT GPIO(82) LOW //camera switch
    # RCx_OPTION: RC input option
  • 28 Relay On/Off
  • 34 Relay2 On/Off
  • 35 Relay3 On/Off
  • 36 Relay4 On/Off
  • RELAY_PIN 81 //9Vsw GPIO
  • RC7_OPTION 28 //Relay On/Off, Use CH7 of Transmitter to control 10V ON/OFF
  • RELAY_PIN2 82 //Camera switch GPIO
  • RC8_OPTION 34 //Relay2 On/Off, Use CH8 of Transmitter to control high/low level on PB5 pad

The configured feature will be triggered when the auxiliary switch’s pwm value becomes higher than 1800. It will be deactivated when the value falls below 1200.

Check the pwm value sent from the transmitter when the switch is high and low using the Mission Planner’s Initial Setup; Mandatory Hardware; Radio Calibration screen. If it does not climb higher than 1800 or lower than 1200, it is best to adjust the servo end points in the transmitter.

  • F405-WTE has INAV fw 4.1.0 preloaded for QC
  • Download INAV firmware 4.1.x from our website. Target MATEKF405TE_SD is not listed in INAV configurator 4.x.x, It will be supported by INAV5.0.
  • ESP8285 has ExpressLRS fw 2.x preloaded with binding phrase “123456”, the Receiver will never enter binding mode if using the traditional binding procedure. It must be flashed without a binding phrase to do traditional binding OR flashed with your binding phrase.
  • ArduPilot fw, set LOG_BACKEND_TYPE = 1 (File) for SD card logging

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