Airy Super Bright LED Light System (Green)

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Putting 4 hand torch flashlights your aircraft, that's funny!
The Storm Drone is a very stable quadcopter, we all know that, so we have some ideas with this platform, "Let's put some bright lights on it, that seems funny...", and the result is this Airy Super Bright LED Light System. This light system has Four Super Bright LEDs that were used on 6V hand torch flashlight, extremely bright yet very energy saving and no heat, we put them onto the Storm Drone and it is awesome! The installation is super easy, the light bulb is put into a rubber cap, we use Zip Ties to secure them on the Storm Drone, they draw power from an empty slot on the receiver (5V-6V) and it also came with a ON / OFF switch, the whole system couldn't be any more easier. You can be use this light system anywhere you like, on your helicopter, cars, planes, even boats, as long as your receiver has an empty slot, it will work.

Flying torch flashlights, extremely bright
Easy to install, takes 5V power from an empty slot on the receiver.

We put them on the Storm Drone, easy to install, they were awesome!
The Storm Drone has a big deck to put those torch lights.

Use the Storm Drone to light up dark areas
It really works, we tried it.

Plug the system into an empty slot on the receiver, it will light up bright
The system is ok to use from 4.8V to 7.4V power source.

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