Storm H3-3D Gimbal Mount for 60mm Rail

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Mount the H3-3D onto a 60mm rail in a professional way!
The carbon fiber plate is designed for DJI H3-3D gimbal, the mounting holes fit perfectly, the hook is made for 60-65mm rail, so just snap it on and you will have your H3-3D gimbal secured in place beautifully.

Storm Gimbal Mount for 60mm Rail

The mount is designed for DJI H3-3D Gimbal, the screw holes fit perfectly, and there is a hole in the middle to fit with the Pan Axis Motor. The mount can also be used with other brand of gimbals too, like the Airy and Feiyu gimbal, as long as the gimbal has a Flat-top, you can fix that onto this mount.

Gimbal is Easy to mount, Easy to remove!

Just slip it on, install and remove it in 5 seconds. Also very easy to adjust weight balance.

This package includes :
1. ☑ 1 X Storm Carbon Fiber Plate with H3-3D mounting holes
2. ☑ 2 X Hook Set
3. ☑ Screws for Hook Set and H3-3D Gimbal

Suitable for : • Drones with 60mm (10mm dia) rail, eg. DJI S800, S800-EVO, S1000, Tarot T810, T960, T15 and T18

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