Parallel T-Join Connector (2M1F)

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* This is a T-Join Parallel Connector with 2 Male and 1 Female.

We have Two solutions for parallel two packs of batteries, one is the LE-0052 Parallel Cable, one is the LE-0168 Parallel Connector. As you can see they both do the same job, but cable one, well, it has a cable, and the connector one has no cable, so it depends on your drone's power cable length, if it's short, then get the Cable one, otherwise get the Connector one, also save your few grams of weight too.

By using this Parallel T-Join Connector, you add up two batteries pack capacity, for example, you connect two 11.1V 2200mah batteries, and you'll get a 11.1V 4400mah battery pack.

Turns 2 X 11.1V 2200mah Battery into 1 X 11.1V 4400mah Battery

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