Multi-rotors Wire Pack (4-6 Rotors / 450-810 class drones)

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The wire and connector pack for a 450~810 class Quadcopter or Hexacopter (4-6 rotors)
This pack includes the cable and connector you need for a big drone, please expect you need to do a lot of soldering for such project.

Checklist for building a drone :
  • Multi-Rotor Frame
  • Motors
  • ESC aka. Speed Controllers
  • This wire pack
  • Power Line Hub or Power Board (usually came with the multi-rotor frame)
  • RC controller and Receiver
  • Battery (Usually One for 450~680 class drones and Two for 700~810 class drones)
  • Li-Po Battery charger
  • Gimbal (optional)
  • FPV Video System (optional)
  • Battery Plate (optional)

16AWG Wires Red and Black X 5m

This is the ESC power cable, 5m of wires will cover a 6 rotor drones with max. 80cm long arms, please cut the desired length for your drone.

14AWG Wires (60cm)

This one connects with the battery, that means you solder a battery connector on it, and the other end connects with the Power Board or Power Hub.

Servo Extension Cable (30cm)

Use to connect ESC with the Flight Controller, this package has 8 of them (2 for spares), 30cm long.

XT60 Connectors

XT60 is the new standard for RC toys, with better grippy surface and contact than T-Join connectors. We included three pairs, so you can use two of them to solder on your battery, and one of them for the drone.

3.5mm Banana Plugs

Each motor will need 3 pairs (1 pack) to connect with a ESC, we included 6 packs for each motors., and 1 pack specially for Tarot 650-810 frames, you need this pack for the power line hub.

4mm Heat Shrink Tubes

We included 4mm Red Black Heat Shrink Tubes (1 meter) for the soldering job of ESC power Cable.

Parallel XT60 14AWG Cable (2M1F)

For a 650~810 class multi-rotors, it usually use two battery packs, this Parallel Cable combines two battery into one big capacity battery, like two 3000mah packs into one 6000mah pack, or two 5000mah into one 10000mah pack. We put XT60 connectors on the cable, that means your battery also needs to be XT60 connector.

JST Connectors

Solder this connector to the power line hub or power board, so that you have a power supply for other device. However, becareful of the voltage, for drones that large you maybe running 14.8V or 22.2V, most device is using 11.1V, that means you need a BEC circuit to convert higher voltage into 11.1V, this BEC circuit is sold separately, so get it if you need one.

Includes :
1. 16AWG Wires Red and Black X 5 meters
2. 14AWG Wires Red and Black X 60cm
3. Servo Extension Cable 30cm X 6
4. XT60 Connector X 3 pairs
5. 3.5mm Banana Plug X 7 packs (3 pairs in 1 pack)
6. 4mm Heat Shrink Tube X 1 meter
7. Parallel XT60 14AWG Cable (2M1F) X 1pc
8. JST Connector X 2 pairs

Suitable for : 450~810 class Quadcopter or Hexacopter (4-6 rotors)

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