Circuit Protector for ESKY Helicopters

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A "Must Have" item for all ESKY Helicopters (JST Plug)
This is a good device specially designed for all ESKY Lama Helicopter owners. It is placed between Receiver and Battery, whenever the heli is about the crash, and the player forgot to shut down the Throttle, the capacitor will do the job and act as a buffer, to adsorb the sudden change in electric current, and protect the Receiver from overloading. We tested it and it did the job pretty well. in this way you save a lot of money in replacing a new receiver. Get it now!

Important Notice- Read Before Purchase
Remember to follow the Red and Black wire colors, not to reversed the polarity, or you will not get the Protector to work, or even make it worst! Also, it is a JST plug design, not for King 3 or Belt-CP V2.

Designed for : All "JST" plug helicopters from ESKY, such as :

ESky Lama V3 ESky Lama V4 ESky Big Lama ESky Co-Comanche

ESky Dauphin ESky KOB ESky Hunter ESky A300 ESky Tandem

ESky Honey Bee V2

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