SKYRC "LiPoPal" Battery Checker and Balancer


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Use it to check battery voltage and Balance battery cell
This is a Voltage Checker and Balancer Two-in-one gadget, very portable size and light weight, remember to take it with you to the field.

Why you need a Battery Balancer?
Take good care to Li-Po battery can increase performance and longer life span. A Battery Balancer can "Level" each cell's voltage difference. To understand how it works, you need to know how Li-Po Battery works. Li-Po Battery is made from Li-Polymer cells, they were all manufactured to have standard 3.7V on each cell, when they are soldered together and form a battery pack, like 7.4V, 11.1V, 14.8V or 22.2V, as you can see they are all multiple of 3.7V.

When you have a new battery pack, it has standard 3.7V on each cell, after fully charged each cell will be 4.2V (that's the magic number, all Li-Po cell has this fully charged voltage), after usage they will decrease to 3.5V-3.7V. However, each cell has different discharge rate and capacity, after a sometime, you get different voltage readings on each cell, this is normal. To restore the battery to former glory, we will use a battery balancer to "Level" each cells to the same voltage, and the battery lives again!

Li-Po Battery is EVERYTHING to your RC model, if the voltage of each cell is not leveled, that will affect the performance a lot. If any cell in the battery went dead, your RC model goes with it, so please keep an eye on the battery's health from time to time.

- Balance (Level) each cell voltage to the lowest cell
- Display voltages for each cells
- Display percentage of the battery pack

- Battery pack : 2-6 Cells
- Applicable Battery Pack: 2-6S LiPo
- Voltage Display Tolerance: +/-1.5%
- Voltage Display Resolution: 0.01v
- Voltage Display Range: 0-5v
- Balancing Current : 50mA
- Operating Temperature : 10~+45°C
- Storage Temperature : -20~+60°C
- Size : 70x38x11mm
- Weight : 22g

Designed for : All Li-Po Battery (2-6 Cells)

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