Parallel Charging Board for 4 Battery Packs (T-Join)

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If you have a PL8 Workstation, this is for you
PL8 needs a balance board to work, this is the right board to use. Each board can connect Four Li-Po battery packs (from 2S to 6S), using 12AWG soft silicon cable and high quality AMASS connectors, protected by 40A and 50A fuse and well designed circuit board gives you very stable and reliable performance.

How to use?
This board will parallel ALL batteries to One Battery Pack to "Trick" the charger, first you need to make sure you connect the "Same" specifications battery to the board, for example all must be 11.1V 2200mah battery with same voltage on each cell, you can't connect one 11.1V 2200mah (100% full) and one 11.1V 2500mah (50% full), or even one 11.1V 2200mah (100% full) and one 22.2V 3000mah (100% full) battery, this will kill all the batteries, remember that!

So once you connect all batteries to the board, on the charger you choose you have connected One Battery Pack, choose the voltage of the battery (in our example - 11.1V) and choose the Amps to charge, we've connected 4 X 2200mah packs on the board, so we'll use 8.8A to charge and so on, maximum is 40A for this board.

Specifications :
- Weight : 136g
- Dimension : 140mm X 68mm X 17mm
- Connector : T-Join (Made by AMASS)
- Power Cable : 12AWG Silicon Cable (Max 40A)
- Balance Cable : XH Connector

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