Multi-Port Parallel Board for XH Battery Packs (XT60 Plug)

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Specially Made for Monstrous Chargers - Charge 6 Batteries at Once!
This is a charging board that parallel up to Six batteries, for example, you have Six 11.1V 2200mah Batteries, you plug them all on this board, then on the charger you set 11.1V 13.2A (2.2A X 6 batteries) to charge, so each batteries will get 2.2A input and you will have them all fully charged in 45~60 minutes).

Sure you can shorten the charging time, this is where you will need a High Power (High Watt) Charger and DC Power supply, you always hear people chasing for High Watt Li-Po Charger, because they want to charge several packs at once, or they are charging huge like 22.2V 6000mah packs. Back to the topic, assume your 11.1V 2200mah packs are good quality enough to take 5C charge (that means 2.2A X 5 = 11A), that means you can use 11A X 6 = 66A to charge those 6 battery packs, all of them will be ready in 10 minutes!! However, let's not push it so hard since you don't find a charger and power supply this powerful, let's tune down a bit, let say 3C charge (2.2A X 3 = 6.6A), that means 6.6A X 6 = 39.6A, that is REALLY quick, you will have Six fully charged 11.1V 2200mah Batteries like 18~20 minutes.

We recommend Revolectrix Powerlab 8 Power Station as the charger combined with SKYRC e-Fuel 60A DC Power Supply, that would use the full potential of this Parallel board for charging multiple Li-Po packs.

* Remember to use Li-Po with SAME specs, like all are 11.1V 2200mah with same cell voltage, otherwise you may damage all the Li-Po packs!!

Specifications :
- 60A fuse protection from short circuit
- You can link up Three of this board, that means 18 Li-Po packs parallel together
- 20Z thick copper coating for continuous 60A current
- Idea of Paralleling will physically make cell's voltage closer, that will lessen the time for Balancing on the charger
- As long as your charger and DC power supply is powerful enough, you just take a while to fully charge ALL SIX battery packs
- Designed for lazy folks.... don't have to stand by for swapping and labeling which pack is charged or not

Charge SIX Li-Po packs at once!

How quick depends on how powerful your charger and DC power supply.

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