Airy 12-in-1 Super Charging Harness

AirySKU: Airy-Acc-LE-0107

Sale priceUSD $26.90


Charge Twelve different kind of batteries with SAME harness!
This super charging harness allows you to connect with 12 different batteries, it has a standard 4mm bullet plugs on one end and 12 different plugs on the battery end :

1. 5mm DC plug for Futaba
2. 5mm DC plug for JR
3. Glow Plug
4. Futaba Servo Plug
5. JST Plug
6. Mini Tamiya Plug
7. T-Join Plug
8. Tamiya Plug
9. Traxxas Plug
10. XT60 Plug
11. Alligator Clamps
12. Open Red Black wire for soldering

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