HML50M01 500M Brushless Motor(1600KV) RCM-BL500M

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Features :
1. The 500M motor features shelterless design to create the advantages of heat release and low temperature variant. The extended diameter for the rotor make it even more efficiency and high torque output.
2. The 500M motor armature had a special balance adjust to improve the serious shaking problem that other tiny motors have.
3. Maintenance free, high torque, high efficiency, stable and quiet.
4. High-speed ball bearings, powerful magnetic outrunner rotor.

Specification :
— Input voltage: DC11.1V-22.2V 3-6cell Li-Po
— Max continuous current: 60A/70A(30sec)
— Max output power: 1260W/1470W(30sec)
— KV value: 1600KV
— Dimension: spindle 5x36x61.1mm
— Weight: 205g (prox.)
— Suitable: Trex 500 helicopters
— Suggested motor pinion gear: 12T for normal flights and 13T for 3D flights

Includes :
— Socket screw ( M3 X 10 ) X 2
— Washer ( 3 X 8 X 1 ) X 2
— ALIGN standard 4mm gilt terminal x 3 set (Max. current 80A)

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