GoPro Session Mount (20mm / Soft TPU)

StormSKU: Airy-Acc-LP-0193-Black

Product Color: Black
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The mount is made with soft TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) material, it feels like elastic rubber but much lighter, designed GoPro Session or Runcam 3.

As long as your aircraft has a flat platform, you can use this mount, just zip tie it to the frame, and try which spot to have best C.G., not affecting your flying.

Small footprint for smaller drones
Compare with other GoPro Session mount, this one has smaller footprint of 20mm only, so you can mount it on the drone with smaller top plate. Originally designed for Storm Loki, Moby and Sirio series, but we tried on regular 5" drones, also works great.

Made with soft TPU anti-crash material

Four colors available

- Weight : 15.1 g
- Angle : 30°

Suitable for : GoPro Session

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