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T-Motor FPV Series F40 PRO IV Brushless Motor (2400kv / 1pc)
T-Motor FPV Series F40 PRO IV Brushless Motor (2400kv / 1pc)
USD $26.90

Tarot X8 Octocopter Build Kit


USD $749.00 USD $539.00

Tarot X8 Octocopter Build Kit - Tarot-Frame-TL8X000

The Professional Line of Tarot Multirotors - The X8 1000 Class Multirotor Airframe
The Tarot X Series Airframe is made for the high end users, they are pretty big (900~1000 class), for carrying heavy gimbal and cameras (3-Axis Gimbal and DSLR Camera), use with high end material and well-thought layout on the drone. There are many features we like very much, such as integrated PCB board for easy cabling, foldable arms for easy transportation (no tools needed) and motorized landing gear so it will not block the camera 360 degrees view, these are good news for Aerial Filming users. We also the design of the frame, the low center of gravity Battery Mount for more stable flight, the position is movable too best balance, 165mm Gimbal Rail System to work with Tarot 3-Axis Brushless Motor Gimbal and special shape arms can hold the ESC inside for cleaner layout, even the Motor Mount has dampers to minimize vibration generated from the propeller, and best of all, this 1000 class airframe is easy to transport, how's that?

The arms can be folded downward with a flip on the lever on each arms, make it transportable within 30 seconds and put it inside the trunk of a car. So how about the rotors? Factory recommend you use the Tarot 15 inch foldable propeller and Tarot 4114 320kv motor, so that makes one very portable and reliable platform to carry your expensive DSLR camera into the sky, all handled by one man.

If you want to experience the latest Multirotor assembly process, try the Tarot X Series Multirotors, every steps are "improved" from the old assembly routine, putting it together is easier than previous generation and see how Multirotor airframes evolved.

Fold up to the max level
No tools needed, one man can handle it within 30 seconds.

Tarot X Series is pretty big, specially made for Professional Aerial Filming
The X8 have eight rotors, can carry 3-Axis Gimbal and DSLR Camera and fly for 12~15 minutes (with 15" foldable propellers and 6S 22000mah battery), all-up weight can up to 10kg.

Motorized Landing Gear
Flip a switch on the RC controller and the landing gears will retract or deploy in mid-air. After the flight, simply flip the locks on each arms and pack it up, within 30 seconds!

No more messy cables inside the frame
There are lot of connectors on the lower deck, this is well-thought, no more DIY cable inside the frame.

Came with ESC Power Extension Cord and ESC Signal Extension Cord
Solder them on each ESC so that you can use the pre-soldered connectors on the lower deck.

Well made Aluminum CNC Motor mount with dampers
Support very big motor., with 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm(circle) mounting pattern. It also has dampers underneath each screws to minimize vibration generated by propeller.

Innovative detachable GPS mount
Usually GPD mount is "Foldable", this one is detachable, even quicker to pack, and it's pretty firm too, it works!

Please pick a power combo
Tarot 14kg AUW (1.75kg/arm) Combo
This propulsion system is the economical and reliable choice to carry an all-up-weight of 14kg into the air (1.75kg/arm).

  • Motor to Motor spacing : 1050mm
  • Propeller standard : 15"
  • Arms length : 416mm
  • Arms weight : 106g
  • Main frame dia. : 338mm
  • Ground clearance : 320mm (Rail to ground)
  • Battery standard : 22.2V (6S), 10000-20000mah
  • Recommenced ESC : At least 40A (6S)
  • Max power : 4000W
  • Hovering power : 1500W (9.5KG)
  • Hovering time : 12 to 15 mins
Flight Reference
  • Battery : 6S 22.2V 16000mah for 10~12 minutes
  • Flight Controller : DJI NAZA V2
  • Motor : Tarot 4114 320kv Motor
  • ESC : Hobbywing XRotor 40A
  • Propeller : Tarot 1555 Foldable Propellers (Plastic or Carbon)
  • Gadgets : FPV Transmitter, 12V BEC, iOSD Mini
  • Payload : Tarot 3-Axis Brushless Motor Gimbal, DSLR Camera
  • AUW : 10~11kg
This package includes :
1. 1 X Tarot X8 Airframe w/ Motorized Landing Gear
2. 1 X Motorized Landing Gear Control Box
3. 8 X ESC Power Extension Cord
4. 8 X ESC Signal Extension Cord
5. 1 X English Manual

Suitable for :

This is Airframe only!
You need to put many electronics on it yourself, namely Motors, ESC, Flight Controller, FPV, Radio Controller, Camera Gimbal and Propellers, they are NOT easy stuff for beginners, so we recommend this airframe for those who can solder stuff and willing to put things together. This is a professional thing for movie grade video shooting, not a toy!!

What you'll need to build this X8 Octocopter?
You see this is the X8 Frame only, you'll need the right electronics to build this, these are the items :
  • 8 X Brushless motors (At leaset 40mm diameter class)
  • 4 X 15"~16" Clowckwise Propellers
  • 4 X 15"~16" Counter-Clowckwise Propellers
  • 8 X 40A ESC
  • 1 X Flight Controller w/ GPS function
  • 1 X Radio Controller
  • 1 X 22.2V 12000mah battery or above
  • 1 X 6S Li-Po battery charger
  • 1 X FPV System (optional)
  • 1 X DJI iOSD Mini for Flight Data display (optional)
  • 1 X Tarot Camera Gimbal (for Canon 5D or GoPro, (optional)
About the Drone's Battery
You will need 6S 12000mah~22000mah to fly this big drone which is a huge battery pack. Because of Airlines Safety Regulation, Helipal does not ship battery this big at this moment, you need to get it somewhere close to you.

Useful Items :

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