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SharpVision Captain 10.2" FPV Monitor w/DVR
SharpVision Captain 10.2" FPV Monitor w/DVR
USD $214.90

Tarot T960 Hexacopter Build Kit


USD $479.90 USD $399.00

Tarot T960 Hexacopter Build Kit - Tarot-Frame-TL960A

Think big!! Presenting the Tarot T960 Foldable Hexacopter
Able to carry Prosumer (Mini DSLR) or GoPro for long time filming

The bigger the aircraft, the more stable it is. This T960 is a 960mm motor to motor hexacopter , and it's foldable makes it easy to deploy. Made with high quality carbon fiber and CNC aluminum parts through out the drone, especially the great finishing motor mount, it's machined from one big block of aluminum and then anodized in orange an black.

The T960 is a great platform to carry 2~3kg of payload for general purpose, aerial filming or landscape survey or what ever you can come up with. We assembled one for our aerial filming job, we put a 22.2V 12000mah battery pack on it, carrying a prosumer camera with FPV system, all-up-weight about 4500g, flew for 13~15 minutes, flying is solid and stable, we love this reliable and portable 6-arm drone platform.

The drone comes with no rigs underneath, and there is plenty of room for you to DIY some custom made rig for your equipment. For general purpose, we recommend you to get the original Tarot mounting rail and battery plates, they allow you to attach some small equipment and shift the battery weight for better C.G.
The max. thrust of Tarot 5008-340kv motor with 18" propeller is around 2kg, that means in 50% throttle thrust is about 1kg, times 6, that means the ideal all-up-weight is about 5~6kg, this will cover most Mini DSLR cameras.

Some video with the T960 (Tarot 5008-340kv motor, 1855 props, 6S LiPo)

Reliable 6-arms platform for 18" props
About 1 meter in size, compatible with 18" props, using 5008-340kv motors and 6S LiPo we have 2kg of thrust per arm. The drone AUW with LiPo is about 4.5~5kg, that means you will have 3-4kg of payload.

High quality material, well-thought layout for easy build
The platform is made with high quality carbon fiber plates, 25mm arm tubes and CNC aluminum parts, great finishing.

Lots of room to carry your equipment
This spaces allows you to use most GoPro or Prosumer (Mini DSLR) brushless gimbal or equipment.
Default with no rig underneath, you may DIY some of your own
Tarot has general mounting rails and plates (* sold separately) so you can mount your equipment and save some DIY work.

* This photo includes Tarot TL96014 Mounting Rails and TL96018 Battery Mounting Plate
Fold it up in 30 seconds
Unscrew the butterfly lock screws and fold up the tubes, that's it.

Retractable leg for transportation
Makes it easy to put in the trunk.

Please pick a power combo
Tarot 12kg AUW (2kg/arm) Combo
This propulsion system is the economical and reliable choice to carry an all-up-weight of 12kg into the air (2kg/arm).

Flight reference chart (Click to enlarge)

T-Motor 12kg AUW (2kg/arm) Combo
This is the most powerful choice for them all, the T-Motor U7 V2.0 motor is the power type, waterproof and dustproof for harsh environment, able to carry heavy payload and still fly very fast. This pack can carry an all-up-weight of 10kg (22.2V) to 12kg (24V) into the air.

Flight reference chart (Click to enlarge)

Circuit Diagram
It is not a Ready-To-Fly Edition. You have to install it yourself. However, it is not difficult to install this hexacopter. The following is the circuit diagram. You can click to enlarge this diagram.

* The hexacopter in this video is a T810. It is for your reference only

Frame Specifications :
  • Frame weight : 1050g
  • Arms diameter : 25mm
  • Drone dia : 960mm
  • End to end : 1000mm
  • Center body dimension : 210 x 210 x 2.0mm
  • All-up-weight : around 4.3~4.5kg
Our Flight Reference :

  • Battery : 6S 22.2V LiPo, 5500mah for 8 minutes, 12000mah for 15 minutes
  • Motor : Tarot 5008-340kv Motor
  • ESC : Hobbywing XRotor 40A-OPTO
  • Propeller : Tarot 1855 Propellers (T960 is best with 15" to 18")
  • Flight Controller : DJI NAZA V2
  • Radio Set : Futaba 8FG (we used 8-ch receiver)
  • Payload : GoPro brushless motor gimbal, FPV System, GoPro Hero 3 (weight about 700g)
This package includes :
  • 1x T960 Frame Set
  • 1x 6-in-1 Power Line Hub
  • 1x TL96013 Folding Landing Skids

Airframe requires electronics!
You need to put many electronics on it yourself, for e.g. Motors, ESC, Flight Controller, Radio Controller, video system, Camera Gimbal and Propellers, they are NOT easy stuff for beginners, we recommend this airframe for those who can solder stuff and willing to put things together. This is a professional multi-rotor, not a toy.

What you'll need to build this T960 Hexacopter?
You see this is the T960 Frame only, you'll need the right electronics to build this, these are the items :
  • 6 X Brushless motors (Recommended 50mm dia. or above)
  • 3 X 15~18" Clowckwise Propellers
  • 3 X 15~18" Counter-Clowckwise Propellers
  • 6 X 40A~50A ESC
  • 1 X GPS Flight Controller
  • 1 X Radio Controller
  • 1 X 22.2V 5500mah LiPo or above
  • 1 X 6S LiPo battery charger
  • 1 X FPV System (optional)
  • 1 X DJI iOSD Mini for Flight Data display (optional)
About the Drone's Battery
For 6S 12000mah~22000mah to fly this big drone which is a huge battery pack. For safety reason Helipal does not ship battery this big at this moment, you need to get it somewhere close to you.

Useful Items :

                    Product Status : In-Stock

                    Pick the following items to build it yourself
                    Don't know where to start? Don't worry, follow our tutorial and pick the following items and you'll be able to build one yourself.

                    Get it now for USD $479.90 USD $399.00 only!

                    Available Options:
                    Battery Charger:
                    Cable Pack:
                    Camera Gimbal:
                    Flight Controller:
                    FPV Monitor:
                    GoPro Camera Cable:
                    Mounting Rail:
                    Power Combo:
                    RC Controller:
                    Video Transmitter:
                    Current Reviews: 1

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